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All it Takes is Willpower, and a Road

Last Sunday, I was approached by the Beirut Marathon Association to write about my relationship with running. At first, I hesitated about writing it, because, to tell the truth – it is a personal story. It’s one I don’t normally share, and posting it directly on social media might be a stretch. Then I thought,…

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Running for Lebanon, with May El Khalil

“Peacemaking is not a sprint, it is more of a marathon” is a statement that made many headlines, news-feeds, and has been been heard over 3 million times, when the TED Global YouTube talk by May El Khalil was published. TeaCalls had the distinct pleasure of getting to know the woman of power, who is behind the…

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Running, Cooking, and Making the Most of Your Day!

This week has been absolutely hectic! there is SO much I want to write about and share with you, but as always, it’ll be in baby steps. First, I am DELIGHTED to be telling you that tomorrow (Thursday October 11!!) I will be interviewing the president of the Beirut Marathon Association May El-Khalil and I’m…

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Post Training Soreness Recovery Foods

It’s true – I have magical powers. I have the secret to your post exercise muscle cramps disappearance. I might be exaggerating this a bit for good measure but still, you should NOT underestimate the effect of proper nutrition. First things first, the Women Empowerment 10k was this past Sunday (May 26, 2013)  and I finished…

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