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No-Added-Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I was visiting Saudi Arabia a few months back, and came back with some delicious date paste (I’m not sure if/where this is sold in Lebanon as I’ve never looked for any) and ever since I’ve been experimenting with some recipes that call for dates! This brings us to these mouth-watering cookies that have no…

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Running, Cooking, and Making the Most of Your Day!

This week has been absolutely hectic! there is SO much I want to write about and share with you, but as always, it’ll be in baby steps. First, I am DELIGHTED to be telling you that tomorrow (Thursday October 11!!) I will be interviewing the president of the Beirut Marathon Association May El-Khalil and I’m…

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Small Pieces, Big Calories!

You’ve been doing really well this Ramadan, you are avoiding all those sugary drinks and keeping up with your fitness routine, and yet somehow – SOMEHOW the scale keeps moving up. You’ve scratched your head and taken off layers of clothes and that scale won’t budge, and then you ask yourself: I haven’t been eating…

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