10 ingredients, 3 meals

One of the challenges to eating healthy homemade meals in our modern hyper lifestyles is the misunderstanding time. Who has time to go grocery shopping, and who has time to actually prepare a meal (and who’s to know if it will even be something tasty), and I’ve already ordered a meal before I could even finish that sentence.

This past week though, I had just a handful of perishables in my fridge, and a few days left before our weekly grocery haul. The old me, the one who didn’t realize how much we wasted in terms of food, would have just gone shopping again. The new me, who follows the tips in this post , got creative.


  1. carrots,
  2. cucumbers,
  3. cabbage,
  4. lettuce
  5. spaghetti
  6. rice wrapping
  7. sweet potatoes
  8. zucchini or courgettes
  9. onions

came about:

  • Veggie Lo Mein

    1. 400 grams spaghetti cooked according to the manual
    2. carrots, onions, courgettes, and cabbages julienned and then sauteed with a little sesame oil
    3. drizzle the vegetables with  1/2 cup coconut aminos + 1/4 cup rice vinegar + 2 tbsp raw honey + sprinkle of garlic powder
    4. combine vegetables and spaghetti, and mix well. serves 4-5 
  • Cabbage-Carrot salad with tahini dressing

    1. thinly slice cabbage or lettuce, and carrots
    2. drizzle with 3 tbsp tahini + 2 tbsp lemon juice  + 2 tbsp water + sea salt
    3. serve with any stew, or roasted vegetables, or even a homemade burger 
  • Veggie Rice Rolls with peanut dressing

    1. slice any vegetables available on hand. Good combinations include lettuce or cabbage + cucumbers + carrots + green leaves like coriander or parsley + avocados (as healthy fats). The variation and quantity doesn’t really matter as long as its what YOU enjoy eating.
    2. rice wrap must be dipped in warm water before rolling. Begin with the lettuce/cabbage so they are the base “boat” that you fill with the sliced veggies.
    3. roll, making sure to keep the vegetables intact, and inch the corners inward as you roll
    4. serve with the peanut dressing which consists of 3 tbsp unsweetened peanut butter + 2 tbsp coconut aminos + 2 tbsp raw honey + 3 tbsp greek yoghurt + 1 tsp hot sauce + 1 tsp garlic powder + 1 tsp chili flakes + 1/4 cup water


All three meals are customisable to whatever you have at hand.

They can be made from start to end in under an hour .

Altogether, require less than 10 fresh ingredients which you could buy in bulk at the beginning of the week.


‘Tis doable my friends. 😉



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