I lose at parenting on a daily basis. Having a second child has upped the game tremendously. Not only am I outnumbered (when hubby is at work), but I lack 2 of their major advantages: I’m not nearly as cute, so I don’t get away with much, and i really really lack their energy. Mama can barely kick a ball around before my lower back gives in.

A second child around should mean I’m a pro by now – but Instagram tells me I’m far from it. Can I change a diaper in under 3 mins? You bet. Can I spot a poop face from a monitor? Never missed one.
But is my hair done, nails manicured and tan shade just right? Not quite.

You see, I have this love hate relationship with instagram, as many of us do. It’s much like my relationship with Lebanon – so really, I’m an expert at this love hate dilemma.

I love that Instagram has gotten me closer to people who otherwise I would have never known. It’s been a portal for me to share my recipes, my passion for nutrition, my journey as I test out the limits of food as medicine (for my body). It’s led me to write, not one, but 2 ebooks that will hopefully be the first of a collection (and will be out before december – shameless advertising, but hey, it’s my blog). Even as a mother, it has given me examples of educational activities to do with my toddler, and ways to deal with the never ending challenges of the terrible twos.

And yet, it tells me that I fail at parenting. Because Insta-moms have perfect hair, kids who eat broccoli, and sleep through the night at 4 days old. Worst of all, they gym. Insta-moms are fit and have time for one hour exercise routines. My workouts consist of carrying one baby in one hand, while simultaneously colouring with the second child and then, getting up from the floor (with said baby still in arm). I believe that’s a weighted squat. My child (the toddler that is) also loves ice cream (whether “nice” or not), and asks for it daily (which means I have to have healthy alternatives available because terrible twos) and probably watches more Daniel Tiger than he should. Because between my sanity and ice cream – I pick sanity. Always.
2 kids vs mama, remember?

In all seriousness though, there are ground rules I never break. There are absolutely no gummies, colored food anything (pops, cakes, rainbow cookies etc…) or storebought lollipops allowed at any point, ever. There’s at least one homecooked meal per day, even if that’s simply an omelet (yes, I’ll take that too, though thankfully 80% of our meals are homecooked). There’s one on one time (distraction, technology free) every day without fail, even if it’s just 30 minutes. There’s a good morning and good night hug, no matter how frustrated, exhausted, and undeniably achey I am. There are hugs after every booboo, hugs after every yell (because I still fail at those too), and hugs just because he still let’s me.

Not an Insta-mom, but maybe that’s okay.

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