What Did You Do For You?

I’m not sure when it is that I stopped writing. I don’t mean blogging, I mean actual short stories that kept me up for days with excitement. Stories I shared with the closest friends and teachers as I bit my nails waiting for feedback. I’m not sure if I just lost that passion, or it got stolen away from me by reality and adulthood. Funny enough, I’m still just as talkative as ever – just not on paper.

Last time I wrote a short novel was probably first year university, and I find myself today envious of that teenager – so eager, energetic, and pretty carefree. I envy the “do now, regret later” somewhat mentality of then (since I should face it, I was born old). Nowadays,  I waste time worrying and convincing myself of reasons why I shouldn’t do so and so. I manage to find every flaw instead of just diving in – and more often than I wish to admit, I fall victim to just mindlessly flipping through Netlfix, a habit I never had growing up.

Then I remembered Seinfeld – yes the ultra millionaire comedian and his simple, yet not so simple success method. I mentioned it once before in this post, but in brief, he believed that if you do something every day without ever “breaking the chain” then it becomes a habit and hence a success. I used to be one of those people who looked back on a year spent (generally around a certain day in the year after cake and the birthday song) and hate that I (more times than not) did not “gain” as much as I would have liked (except weight, that’s often the one gain I’m not happy with). So now, I’m trying the adjusted-Seinfeld method – at the end of the every day, I make sure to do ONE thing for me, one thing that I see is of personal value. Something that isn’t about my job, or my role as a wife, friend, sibling – but instead is a personal development  – in the hopes that come March, I’ve grown in more ways than just years.

So far, my list includes reading more – so I’m testing out “Audible” by Amazon and using my commuting time to listen to more books. I’m back trying my luck with Russian even though my earlier attempts have been miserable. Smaller things are also included like taking the time to walk everyday, and this right here – writing. Slowly finding that passion again.

This is quite the personal post, and it might seem out of theme – but health is also one of those items on the list that we owe ourselves. The will to lose weight, get active, or be healthy should always come from within, and not to please a significant other, physician, or even an industry.

At the end of today, what did you do for you?




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