Ideas for Suh(7)oor

In today’s fast paced work life, it becomes really hard to make time to wake up especially for su7oor.  When we do finally make time to have a late dinner instead, we want something fast and filling.

Don’t you just hate those articles with 125 best foods to eat, with a complicated list that basically includes everything and anything.

Just because I hate them so much. I’m making my own.

What are some meals that work?

– fatte or chickpeas with yoghurt. Some prefer “Foul” or baked fava beans but those need a LOT of hydration after, plus they lack the benefits of the yoghurt
chickpea fatte
eggs,  and lots of variations of this.  My favourites are either an omelette with lots of veggies, or shakshouka (eggs with fried onions, and tomatoes)

avocados on toast, avocados in a salad – basically avocados. Go wild and have some toast (read: one) with eggs AND avocados!

The common denominator in the above (besides the YUM factor) is protein and fiber!So, you don’t have any of the above in your pantry or fridge? No worries, this blog post has got you covered also!

What to aim for in su7oor?

The meal should be high in protein and fiber while being low carb.  Proteins help us feel full for longer, along with the fiber which delays digestion.  The key though is that both need a lot of water so make sure to hydrate really well and avoiding coupling any meal with caffeinated beverage (this includes sodas).

Foul Medammas - Oasis Bakery AUD5

Foods high in sugar or carbs will raise blood sugar, and then drop it quickly.  Once blood sugar drops we tend to feel hungry and light headed – which is why high carb meals are best avoided.  Unlike what popular traditions call for,  having a man2oushe (Lebanese thyme pizza) is not a good option, and neither are just fruits.

Recipes of some of meals will be posted during the month, so follow this blog if you aren’t already!

As always, questions and comments are welcome! Tell me what your Su7oor options are, how healthy are you being?


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