Caffeine in Ramadan

That morning cup (s?) of coffee. The switch that turns us from irritable grouches to semi-functional people. Our midday passtime. What should we do without you for a month?

arabic coffee

Ideally, it is best to wean yourself slowly before Ramadan comes along  instead of going cold turkey. A good option is to start 2-3 weeks earlier by delaying that first cup for a couple of hours, and adding an extra hour every day – till Ramadan comes along and withdrawal symptoms are kept at bay. No point in being hangry and with a caffeine-induced (lack of it) migraine.

Once the sun sets, RESIST the urge to immediately head to the nearest caffeine IV and instead, opt for a couple of cups of water. Hydrate to reduce the effects of the caffeine withdrawal and of course because you have been fasting for 15+ (21 if you’re in Iceland, ouch!) hours.

ramadan hours

Best time to finally indulge in your caffeinated beverage of choice is about 1 hour AFTER iftar.

Certain caffeinated beverages tend to compete with the absorption of other important nutrients , so its best to separate them from any big meal. Also, caffeine is a diuretic (read: will make you wake up to pee), so it’s best avoided at suhoor as well, or else you would be further dehydrating your body throughout the day.

For more specifics on how much caffeine is in our daily beverages, and chocolates – check out this old post.

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