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It gets frustrating reading about a new diet every day, and even more infuriating reading people argue like they all have some medical or dietetic degree. The internet can be a great source of information, but what works for one person might not work for someone else, so advocating diets haphazardly could be dangerous.

I wish I could emphasize this enough – there is NO SINGLE ENEMY, and NO SINGLE CURE. A good diet is first, sustainable and second, wholesome. It doesn’t have to mean stopping all kinds of chocolates, or eating only protein. It just means eating the right kinds. I saw this picture of a supermarket aisle filled with packaged items that read “if mold won’t eat it, why should you?” . Exactly.

A lifestyle diet should include wholesome foods from the earth, not a box. I understand that our busy schedules have meant more dependency on microwavable dishes.  The truth is, if we only knew that it might take an additional 5 minutes to get that same microwavable dish done, minus all the chemical preservatives and additives (which often just means more sugar and salt). It takes a little getting used to, some pre-planning, and a few important storage equipment- but the result is totally worth it. Better, healthier, and cheaper.

It is time to go back to the simpler things, to eat fruits in season, vegetables from our back yards, and poultry that won’t replace your birth control pill. It’s good to take a break from reading off the internet, and maybe instead “reading” our bodies. Take it back to the basics.

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