February with Seinfeld

First Time Up the StairsSo January is over.  Gone with its resolutions and much much much of our money – but that’s what makes February so great! It’s 28 days, you have no money to spend on fancy outings, which is exactly why it’s the perfect month to invest in YOU!
Yes, cliche and annoying, but also very true.  I promised in my last post that I wouldn’t discuss resolutions, mainly because I don’t believe in them, what I do believe in is: baby steps.

And apparently Seinfeld does as well –  remember the uber famous comedian, with the ultra uber (that’s legit English vocabulary  right there) famous sitcom? Well, he believed the key to success is to ‘not breaking the chain‘.  In brief, he meant that if you do something every day, without breaking the chain,  it becomes a success.  The idea is that if you skip even one day, it becomes so much Jerry Seinfeldeasier to skip more -and you never allow that “something” to grow. He pressured himself to write “jokes”, even if its just one sentence, every day – and see where he got.

Let’s convert that into healthy business – 10 minutes every day.  Can you spare 10 minutes to do one of the below?

  1. meditate,  visualise a healthier fitter you, reduce emotional overeating causes (tips here
  2. stretch (tips here)
  3. fast walk around your apartment (use it as an anti-craving technique, every time you get a craving – go for a quick walk)
  4. climb 4 flights of stairs 
  5. 10 push ups, 10 jumping jacks, 10 spider lunges, 10 jumping lunges, 10 walkouts (if you’re brave, repeat 2-3 times)

more ideas here.

Follow your body and recognize which baby step best fits your lifestyle at this moment.  You don’t need to start your first day doing jumping jacks and giving up the next day.  Work your way up, ease your body into the idea of getting active (even if it’s 10- minutes).

After a week, move down the list, and if you’re feeling risky, add items as you go down – you meditate and stretch? I’m impressed already 😉

25 days of February left.  Can you spare 10 mins a day for that long?

Take the challenge.  Tell me you hate it.  Do it anyway.


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5 thoughts on “February with Seinfeld”

    1. Glad you found it helpful! Remember, if u skip one day, it becomes that much easier to skip more days 😉 waiting for ur feedback!

    1. It’s good to recognize your abilities and work within them, otherwise we set ourselves up to quit, or worse – injury. Do what u can and let me know how it feels 🙂 don’t break the chain tho!

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