How Many Calories Are In Your Breakfast?

I am frustrated.

It is utterly ridiculous that 10 days away from my yoga mat, and my forward folds become stiff. Just one week at a hotel has already made my pants snug. I am seriously close to believing that calories are evil creatures that sneak in and tighten my pants. Here I thought I was doing so well, waking up at 6.30 am to catch a 20 minute jog on the treadmill before the hotel breakfast buffet. I mean, truly, who among us can resist that breakfast buffet? Or that delicious overindulgent christmas dinner, or maybe New Year’s decadent brunch (es).

I guess the truth is out, calories are not out there to get us, and they might be shrinking my clothes but that is probably because my math is rusty – you see, 20 minute of jogging burns 100 calories, which does not even cover HALF the calories in a plain croissant.


I know how much everyone hates the MONDAY blues, so I’m substituting it with saturday morning depression by sharing these numbers:

Burn Breakfast (1)
 It’s a good reminder for you and me,  to become better friends with the treadmill, and much less with the breakfast buffet!














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