OYSHO Yoga Day

I made the excruciating tensing effort to drive (is it obvious how I love driving?), to OYSHO yoga day outdoors at dubai skydive and I’m glad I did.

skydive yoga

I was looking forward to enjoying some yoga outside my tiny apartment for a change, especially with the weather just getting better and better.
We arrived at 9.30, and were happy to see that there was already a crowd. Mats had been strategically placed in front of a small center stage surrounded by 2 large screens. Everyone was handed an oysho shirt at the entrance, and refreshments.  You had the option to choose between fruits, fresh fruit juice and/or sweetened tea and cookies –  so it’s safe to say there was something for everyone.  I was happy to receive a copy of YogaLife as well 🙂
At 10, our first yoga instructor informed us that we would be starting 10.30 sharp and we did (I was particularly very pleased  and appreciative with the punctuality).

Yoga session started with basic breathing, followed by asanas with both beginner and advanced variations.  The session was delightful,  especially with a friendly drone hovering over us and cooling us off every once in a while.  A few cameramen were seen around as well and I’m pretty certain I’m already on a blooper reel somewhere.

At 11.30, the beginner session came to an end and to our surprise, there was an advanced vinyasa hour long class after.  By that time though, the heat became unbearable. I downed 2 bottles of water to rehydrate and decided to avoid getting a sun stroke.  My only issue with the event was this: the timing.  I would have so wished it was done at sunset, especially with the weather being so beautiful at night these days.  Saluting the sun as it sets is just too good of an opportunity to pass.  There’s always hope for a second event though!

Overall, it was absolutely refreshing and pleasing to see such a huge active yoga community.  Makes it an exciting time to be in the UAE.

Couldn’t take lots of pictures as I was busy getting my asana on, but nonetheless, a few snaps below:

yoga towers



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