Substitution and Moderation

I dont know if I have actually mentioned before how much I truly hate the word dieting – it just reminds me that I’m killing off one of the pleasures of life. Yes, for me, one of the pleasures of life is eating. Trying on new cuisines, spices, mixtures is more than just nourishment, and I definitely don’t eat just to survive, I eat because I enjoy food. That being said, the foods I enjoy aren’t deep fried or slathered with yellow cheese and butter (gasp!). I’d like to say that I am smarter than to like suFruit & Vegetable Boxch meals, but the truth is – they actually taste good until they don’t. With me, it started because I got educated about it. My mind would automatically count calories when my teeth dug into a swiss n’mushroom burger with extra sauce, and I just couldn’t shut out my mind.  So I started my baby steps with minor changes: whole wheat instead of refined, vegetables instead of fries, water instead of coke and you get the idea.

Substitution and moderation are 2 words that anyone trying to lose weight or get healthy should get comfortable with.  Substitution helps you with your day to day meal choices, and moderation will get you through the tough days when all you want is to dip your face into a molten chocolate fondant cake.

Then, the tides will turn. Your body will thank you for feeding it right – your energy, your mood, even sleep patterns will improve. What’s important here is for us to listen to these changes but not rush them. This is not an overnight process, just listen to the cues, differentiate when our bodies  tell us “I feel heavy and tired after that fried breaded prawn meal” or “I’m finding myself energetic and awake before the alarm even rings”.

I digress (a lot!), but my point is: I hate dieting. It makes me feel like I’m punishing myself, when the reality of it is: 

I’m giving it a fighting chance – to let my body catch up with where my mind wants to go.  So if the sky is the limit for your dreams, prepare your body to run after clouds. 






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