Yoga As It Should Be

This is one of those posts that just writes itself, because the images alone are more than I can express. This Saturday, I attended a sunset beach yoga session with the Beirut Yoga Center at Lazy B, and I must say this experience changed yoga for me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love yoga anywhere – but experiencing it on the beach is so different than in a class or at home. The feel of the sand under your hands and feet as you to try to balance, the soft kisses of the wind, and the gentle whispers of the water – mesmerizing, soul-enriching, absolutely magnificent.

I’ve always been an advocate of yoga. I think everyone should incorporate some form of yoga in their life – whether it be meditation, stretching, or postures (or all!). Some people have misconceptions about yoga, thinking that it’s only for the flexible or it’s not a cardio workout, or doesn’t provide enough strength training. Simply though, you haven’t tried the right style of yoga yet. Some styles are more “strength” and I mean STRENGTH (try: chaturanga, bakasana? these videos might give you a better idea about what I mean) while others  are more focused on relaxation and restorative postures.

To help you decide which yoga style might work better for you, here‘s a simple description for the most common ones. It’s also a good idea to call the yoga center you wish to start with and just ask the instructors for advice. The yoga community is a loving and welcoming place.

If you need some more motivation. Scroll below.

(P.S: I’m easy to spot, with my ultra blue everything and “Bikini” sweat)


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2 thoughts on “Yoga As It Should Be”

    1. it so beyond amazing – it got me speechless!!! yoga has been the only constant through a series of changes 🙂 really wished u coulda been here this summer, hopefully someday tho!

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