The No-Carb Rice!

It’s possible! There are many great substitutions that we can use to reduce fats and carbs, and include more fruits and vegetables. I’m not against using wholemeal rice and/or carsb in general, but if you are on a protein diet – it’s preferable to switch your rice for this low carb alternative instead of eliminating carsb altogether (which is absolutely NOT recommended!)

The secret lies in CAULIFLOWER!

believe it! Super easy to make, and eat it with any side dish  I guarantee you will not even miss rice after this!

cauliflower riceYou will need:

  • 1 cauliflower
  • grinder or food processor

How to:

  1. clean the cauliflower
  2. chop it a bit
  3. either grind it by hand, or using a food processor. It’s not meant to become mush, just turn it into “cauliflower grains” similar rice grains
  4. spread out on a tray and heat it in the oven (can also be heated in the microwave, or even fried (for a less healthy option) till it dries out (about 10-15mins)



Calories and Servings:

will make about 4 cups, depending on size of cauliflower

calories/cup = 25 calories!

(compared to almost 200 calories per cup of cooked rice)

Enjoy your guiltless rice from now on!


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