How to Have a Healthy Vacation!

Last weekend, my colleagues and I decided to go on a random trip to Istanbul. Turkey is one of the few countries us Lebanese don’t need a visa to, that is close and has so much history to explore. So 4 ladies set out to tour the streets of Istanbul – needless to say, it turned out to be one of the funnest trips of my life.

The biggest issue with traveling though, is that it takes a toll on our bodies and particularly our digestive system. There are lots of tips on how to stay healthy when on vacation and still enjoy your time. I’ve discussed a few in this post from my trip to Italy, and a friend blogger has some mentioned in her post on the blog Health and Horizons.

because this is what you do in the metro :S
STRETCH!  yoga everywhere
sultanahmet streets
istanbul spices
spice bazaar
spices istanbul
more spices

One thing that was a great help on this trip was yoga – especially after hours of walking carrying heavy bags and eating all sorts of new spicy food (as is obvious from the pics above!). In this post I’m going to share some yoga-inspired poses that can help keep your body stretched and supports a healthy digestive system especially when trying out new cuisines.

This video shows some of the most basic moves that can be done right after or during an airplane flight:

YouTube Preview Image

Remember to keep taking deep breaths, and maybe even trying to hold the pose for a bit to really get a good stretch.


A few other simple moves that can be done early in the morning to aid digestion are:


Man and Woman Practice Yoga - Horizontal

yoga apasana
image from this article 
– interlace fingers or arms around bent knees
– gently stretch your knees to chest, keeping your hips on the floor
– hold the stretch, breathe into your lower back
– relax your body, rest in the pose 
Man and Woman Practice Yoga - Horizontal
Spinal twist. There are several variations for this pose. It can be done while lying down, or seated or standing. Don’t twist beyond comfort.
yoga child pose
picture from here
Child pose:
– sit on calves and lay upper body on legs
– place arms at your side or next to your legs
– turn face to one side or lay forehead on the floor
– let your body relax and breathe

Man and Woman Practice Yoga - Horizontal*more poses here.

If you feel like these helped, I recommend downloading “Office Yoga” app that contains how-to and images on some basic yoga poses to relieve the stresses of sitting behind a desk all day. Please follow up with a physician or a restorative yoga instructor if you have any injuries.

Safe travels and healthy living!



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2 thoughts on “How to Have a Healthy Vacation!”

  1. I’ve only been in Istambul airport for transfers (to go to Beirut, lol) and I would love to visit Istambul properly! I remember last time I went to South East Asia (various countries in one trip) my jet lag seemed to affect my stomach. I wanted to eat everything (hehe) but my stomach just shut. Then on the 3rd day I was literally forcing myself to eat an amazing dinner. That night I got really ill and vomited… then my stomach jet lag suddenly disappeared and I was back to normal 🙂

    1. I know exactly what u mean!!! and it can really put a dent on ur trip not being able to enjoy yummy new food (especially since i know u like to try new things!) – but like u said, most times the body just knows how to fix itself eventually.

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