3 Surprising and Fun Ways to Burn Calories!

March is my birthday month (in case you couldn’t tell by the post my husband wrote last week!) It’s also the season that signifies the end of winter, and the beginning of spring – which happens to be my favorite season. To be fair though, there hasn’t been much of a winter in Lebanon this year. Nonetheless, it’s my birthday month and that makes me happy.

Another thing that makes me happy, as I have recently discovered, is planning events – whether it be something as big as our wedding, or something as routine as a birthday celebration. Whatever it is, planning and organizing an event that challenges me “creatively” is something I enjoy doing.


The best part is when my 2 favorite things meet – fitness, and planning events – where does that leave us?


Fit and Fun events!

To stay within last week’s theme of doing  things that burn calories, without being boring – this post will talk about fun ways to include fitness in your social life, that will GUARANTEE a laugh and will break a sweat – without breaking the bank!



Bust out your terrible moves on this game, and bring back the 70’s, 80’s or any other era you like and commit as many crimes against dancing as you want. This is a ps3 game (and on Wii) that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere (if the neighbors allow it!). Similar ps3 games include: Everybody Dance & Sports Championship. There are also lists of similar games for Wii available here.

Expect to lose anywhere between 200-300 calories/hour (if you’re actually dancing, much like in a Zumba class) and a whole lot of your pride!  Game costs around 20$ and can be used infinitely.

just dance
dance like no one is watching!


I used my husband’s birthday as an excuse to challenge our friends to a “friendly” game of laser tag. Though commonly enjoyed by kids, this did not stop us 20-something year olds from going to laser war. An hour later, we left bruised and battered, and seriously delighted. Expect to lose anywhere between 400-500 calories/hour while only paying 18$ per person at Q-Zar. Paintball is also another option where you can lose up to 400 calories per hour! (make sure to really join in the fun by actively participating in the game to get a total cardio workout!)

Paintball 2012
photo by heymarchetti


Skip the fancy dinner out, and dine in with friends – the trick here is that everyone should join in the cooking process. All the assembling and moving around can end up burning 140 calories per hour (just make sure that’s all you burn in the process!). A huge meal such as Thanksgiving or Christmas that may require full day preparations may burn up to 700 calories!

large meal


Make a weekend out of it! Plan a friendly game of just-dance, and end it with a nice group meal!



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  1. Cool! I ever thought of cooking as a way to burn calories, you are so cool! On Sunday I made a grapefruit (and banana) jam. I spent a flipping one and a half hours standing up carefully peeling while multitasking with other things around the kitchen. Does that mean that I was actually doing exercise? 🙂

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