$1.76 Million for Tuna!

Who doesn’t have a favorite food or dish? Mine are honestly too many to count! I do acknowledge that I often crave a good fondant, sushi, and anything italian. So when I do, I really don’t mind paying a little extra for something savory and delicious – especially with sushi, I tend to be extra careful with restaurants that offer raw food, as food poisoining is more likely.

Tokyo might have taken this sushi thing, a little TOO seriously by paying about $1.76 million, for a 488-pound (152kg) bluefin, or about $3,600 per pound. Yes, that’s 1.76 million. Making it officially the highest amount ever paid for tuna, anywhere!

Apparently, a Tokyo-restaurant chain owner bought the tuna at an auction for a populr fish market. Many restaurant owners from everywhere in Asia compete annually for the prestige of buying the year’s first tuna even though, there have been warnings that bluefin has been severely overfished.

Makes me REALLY curious if this tuna tastes 1.76million times better than other tuna?



Full story here.



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