Burn Calories Outside the Gym!

I don’t like the gym. Really, I don’t. I go 3 times a week but I’d trade all that in a heartbeat if I could find an outdoor sport that was availabe year round, just 5 minutes walking distance from my house – but I don’t, so I stick to my gym instead.

When I can though, I prefer [insert outdoor activity here], with the exception of skiing. I injured my knee skiing once and I haven’t been fond of it since.

Let’s take a look at how many calories* we could burn, off the treadmill for a change?

  • Rollerskating250 calories in 30 minutes
  • Kayaking350 calories for 1 hour of paddling
  • Hiking200-plus calories in just 30 minutes
  • Cycling800 calories for 1 intense hour (may be higher depending on route), or 250 calories for a more relaxed 30 minutes
  • Tennis500 calories in 1 hour
  • Rock climbing500-600 calories per hour (with approxiametly 7-8 routes).
  • Jumping Rope700-800 calories per hour
  • Boxing600-700 calories per hour

Of course these do not only vary in calories, but also in effect. Some are more cardio activites (ex cycling) while others are excellent strengh training workouts (ex rock climbing), or a combination (ex kayaking).

So find something that you might enjoy and try including it a lot more regularly in your lifestyle – watch those kgs come off while doing something you like! win win!

General TIP: try finding a community that will help encourage you to try new things. I owe my interest in rock climbing to Omar Oueini who has been such a support (though it comes off through lots of yelling!). Omar is rock a climbing guide, and can be reached on his facebook account or through email: omaraloueini AT gmail DOT com

indoor rock _teacalls
When the weather doesn’t help, get your training done indoors at U Rock!


rock climbing_teacalls

rock climbing _teacalls




P.S: * calories are calculated based on a 150 pound or 60 kg person

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2 thoughts on “Burn Calories Outside the Gym!”

  1. I don’t like the gym either, but as you know I swim. I have to say I still haven’t got around to running… horrible weather will be my excuse πŸ˜‰ Do you do rock climbing? I think I’m too chicken for that!

    1. Yeah I remember u swim. I’m afraid im not too goo at that, and i have no excuses! haha
      i recently started rock climbing but I can’t go often due to weather constraints and lack of company πŸ™ and i find it reallllly challenging but i love that about it! there’s a real sense of accomplishment once you manage to make it to the top! and I’m totally chicken abt it as well btw πŸ˜‰

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