100 in 1 YEAR!

TeaCalls will be 1 year old in a few days, and this would the 100th post! It has been an exciting and topsy-turvy year. I’ve gotten married to the love of my life, I started a new job that I enjoy, I went back to doing yoga more religiously, but I’ve also gotten viral meningitis and spent 2 weeks hospitalized, and lived through (and continue to live)  explosions and stress and hurt.


But what I remember through all of it is that in 2013, I challenged myself.

Challenged myself to start rock climbing though I find it difficult, challenged myself to try new poses in yoga that I think are abnormal; challenged myself to wake up at 7am just to go to the gym before work – and this blog and its readers have been the best companions I could ever ask for.

All this, and in all honesty, I had no resolutions last year – because maybe if I did, they wouldn’t have included rock climbing for example! It just made sense to let myself explore, and I will continue looking for new challenges, new places, new activites where ever I may find them. I know I can’t call myself an adventure junkie, but I am definitely a lot more bold now, I am more fit, and a lot more open-minded – and A LARGE part of that goes to the existence of TEACALLS.

I once studied  in Behavioral Economics* about a website called StickK which is designed to help people “stick” to their goals. The website offers you one of three choices, after you set a certain goal:

  1. “put your money where your mouth is” or  basically just bet on yourself.
  2. donate to a controversial charity/organization that YOU HATE.
  3. finally, you are given the choice to link your stickK account to all social media outlets, so that they can “judge” your progress and if you don’t reach your goal – you are “socially” shamed.

I find that third option quite interesting, because there are already studies that show that people who announced to others what their goals were, felt more accountable in carrying through with them. On a personal level, TeaCalls has been my motivator in going through with last year’s first 10k, and my first detox, among SO many other things. 

So, in a nutshell, and after writing a really long blog post, I’d just like to say:


thank you note

I hope this blog has in some way benefitted you, and has made you realize health is not a 1-month diet, and is not necassirly bound to the 4 walls of the gym. It is a lifestyle that can be adapted anywhere. It is the best thing you can do for yourself, and there is no expiry date on when you can start.

Start today, and let TeaCalls help! Share your goals on this post, or in an email to TeaCalls at gmail dot com, and I will personally push you through and post your progress on the blog!

Let us make 2014 the year of SUPPORT!


Happy healthy living!





*Behavioral economics is simply put, the study of economics taking into account human’s “irrational” behavior. Meaning, not necessarily because we know something is good for us, that we would do it – sound familiar?



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5 thoughts on “100 in 1 YEAR!”

  1. Tala I didn’t know you got viral meningitis. I’m tremendously happy that you got through it, and had a wonderful year in so many special ways, especially with your marriage 🙂 Your blog has helped me and also put a smile on my face many times. Lets go for a great next year! Hugs!

    1. your blog was the reason i made my first homemade pesto sauce 😀 and while i listen to classical music among sooo many other reasons.
      I’m going to add to ur wish by also making it the year for more travels and hopefully finally ‘bumping’ into each other! 😀
      thank you so much for ur wishes! wishing u and Mr. H all the best, always!

      1. Ooooh, that is so sweet of you, just today I was wondering if the world really needs me blogging, but I think this is the reason why I should 🙂 I hope we do bump into each other in our travels too 🙂 Best wishes xxx

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