Fat December!

December is the mother of so many holidays – and with holidays come great feasts! Feasts that are followed by unwanted weight and guilt.

Every year we state new year resolutions and promises that we will do better. We will lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, appreciate more and the list goes on. January starts off great, fueled by the guilt that December brought about and we join the gym. First few weeks we’re going 3 times steady, 4th week we start to slip up. By the second month, the gym is not our buddy, and we’re off the wagon.

I’m suggesting a different approach this year.

Eat, be merry, be happy – it’s only a few extra pounds, and what are those when you have beautiful family gatherings and happy moments?

Don’t count calories. Worry less, Enjoy more.

Just remember one thing: Food is to be enjoyed, and is needed to provide nutrition – but it is NOT an obligation. Enjoy the meal, savour the taste, but you really DON’T have to stuff your self with it.


Start the new year with just this resolution:


Be consious of the smaller, simpler things in life that can bring you more joy than you imagine. Be conscious of food portions. Be conscious to the signs your body is sending you. Be conscious of your feelings as you make certain decisions or choices (Is that extra double fudge cake feeding you or your anger?)

Be conscious that life is short, and that food is only ONE way to enjoy it. There are other activities to be done, and places to be explored.


gifts and smiles :)
gifts and smiles 🙂

amazing friends <3

Have a beautiful beautiful and conscious 2014!

Happy holidays to all!



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