Run, Forrest, Run!

Run, or jog, or walk – whatever floats your boat.

That is what over 36,000 participants at the Beirut Marathon did Sunday, all under the umbrella of “run for Lebanon” and/or whatever other cause they wanted. I saw participants running “against eating disorders” which made me smile. I saw runners with a shirt that said “Faster than the speed of sound…. NOT”

Overall, whether it was running for Lebanon alone, or to cure cancer – whether you ran or walked or both, it was all done with a smile and a great attitude. The 10k was off to a beautiful start, and the only time I ever welcome a gunshot! Confetti, balloons, and plenty of cheering kicked off the fun run and off we went!

Cheering stations were pretty regular for the first 3k I would say, then a bit more sporadic till the last 2k when we got our “official HIGH 5” station and got cheered to the finish line. That finish line? Such a sight for sore feet πŸ˜‰

What an amazing feeling, making it through yet another run! ANNND to make it throughΒ faster! Last “run” of mine was for the Women Empowerment in April that I wrote about here, and I beat that score by 15 minutes!

10 distance
oh yeah! next aim: 1.10 mins hopefully!
marathon pics
check us out. we pose AND run πŸ˜‰
marathon pics
running buddies!
line up
at the line up πŸ™‚


gunshot and balloons! let’s do this!


we all want to get to that start line! what a crowd! πŸ˜€





Honestly, the best advice I could give for any type of running routine, or any exercise for that matter, is to have a buddy. I am sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed the run as much without my friend Jana pushing me forward, or having a familiar face meet you at the finish line. Get a fitness buddy!


Hope to see you at the next run! This is NOT an event to miss! πŸ™‚


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