Let’s Zumba!

Sh-sh-shake it!

And shake it we did this past Saturday, November 2, at the Beirut Souks with Steve Boedt and a bunch of the other local Zumba Instructors for the first ever ZUMBATHON in Lebanon. The added plus side, we got to do a good deed, as all proceeds went to the May Jallad Cancer Foundation!

The event was slow to start. It was scheduled at 6pm*, but true to Lebanese timing, we didn’t actually begin till around 6.45. Steve started us off with 45 minutes of a routine that included every move possible. His energy was contagious and the crowd just followed – even if we weren’t capable of catching up, we just danced like we really didn’t care who watched.

I dont know if the few trainers that followed his routine directly were just unfortunate to come after Steve Boedt or to have forgotten to wear a sports bra – but I can name one or 2 trainers that were just off-putting. I don’t want to look at a trainer who looks tired making the moves, or is giving a half punch when Zumba is all about energy energy energy. Somewhere in there, there was an oriental dance group – and thats when I was about to take my cue to rest.

Luckily, Steve was back with an even more exceptional routine, combining country moves to booty-shaking. After his second show, the energy of the place seemed to pick up and the routines that followed were both strong and active – exactly what the crowd, that had been dancing for 2 hours already, needed.Β The crowd was truly phenomenal and the energy was palpable! I think that’s what I remember the most, it was a night filled with positive energy, and just fun vibes!

Overall, I was extremely pleased that Lebanon managed to have such a fun event, and I’m hoping the trend continues with more zumbathons and possibly a yogathon? Besides the delay at the beginning, the event was well organized. There was water and yoghurt as refreshments for the crowd readily available. However, in my humble opinion, I would have liked that the trainers be selected more meticulously, but that’s just another reason to have a bigger BETTER event next year! So, again, just a thumbs-up for this event!



photo 3(7)



photo 4(1)




trying to follow the steps


steve boedt
with Steve Boedt! Sweaty after a fun workout
YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

(Sorry for the poor quality resolution, the videos and photos were taken by my sister-in-law Maya from a Samsung phone. Samsung phones do that :P)

To more dances, for good causes!



p.s: the second video is not Steve Boedt, but it was a local Zumba Trainer (Gio) who was really good and fun!

*CORRECTION: I came to know that “doors open” at 6pm, not that the program is to start at 6.




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