Pizza, Pasta, Pizza, Pasta, and Italian Men!

My My My, the rumors are true – Rome is a beautiful beautiful city, and I wouldn’t mind at all if all roads led back to Rome. I spent 4 days last week in that magnificent city, and a day in Florence. I ate to my hearts delight, yummy pizza and homemade pasta and plenty of gelato – and the scale did not mind one bit. In fact, I noticed that I rarely came across obese or heavily overweight people in Rome, even though its the land of carbohydrates. What sorcery is this?

It’s actually a lot simpler than we think, the answer lies in one word:


It’s impossible to walk the streets of Rome without seeing people on bikes, and others walking/jogging. I know “vespas” are a big thing there, but equally important is just walking. There are a lot of streets marked for pedestrians only, and honestly, the cobblestone is better fitted for feet than for wheels.


Ok so there might be another reason as well:


portions in Rome are “regular” and completely filling, because of the added sauces and flavors. None of those over-sized or up-sized meals – in fact VERY FEW FAST FOOD CHAINS at all.

I mean, who wants a burger when you can have homemade fettuccine with fresh tomatoes? Y-U-M! In my stay there, I’ve only come across a Mcdonalds and a single Burger King.

So it’s not really a secret after all, it’s what we’ve been saying all along. Be conscious of the food you’re consuming, the portions and really listen to when your body tells you to stop – AND be active. Done!


Anyway enough with the nutrition talk, let’s see some pictures!

trevi fountain
trevi fountain
trevi fountain wishes
making a wish!
view again
soaking up the view!
St.Peter’s Basilica
I have no time to pose, I really want to just eat! YUM!
piazza navona begger
piazza Navona creative beggar
farmers market
and of course the farmer’s market – where there is one, there’s me!
castel 1
across from the castel Sant’Angelo



Duomo 414 steps
biking in florence
biking in Florence!
Duomo - Florence
Duomo – Florence

Hope you enjoyed these and realized Pizza is not always the enemy 😛


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