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I have a feeling that many dietitians, before any one else, will relate to this blog post.  In almost any big outing, someone will come around and ask – what do you think of so and so diet? Is it true that because i’m B+, tomatoes make me fat?

If these questions sound familiar, then this post is for you. Please read it carefully.

Forget die-ting, start living

There is a HUGE difference between being skinny and being healthy. you could be overweight and have really good health, and you could be skinny and suffer from high cholesterol. genetics plays a key role in these things, along with body type, body frame, and bone structure. the aim should ALWAYS be to have a healthy lifestyle. so forget dieting, and just learn healthy habits that you can incorporate in your daily lifestyle. If a diet is telling you to cut out carbohydrates completely, or to eliminate an entire food group – ask yourself, can I live on this for the rest of my life? if the answer is no, MOVE ALONG.

You don’t need to diet, you need to moderate

MODERATE your food, be conscious of portions, be conscious of your feelings. if you are eating due to your mood – then there is more that you should fix than just your weight. Taking a bite out of chocolate bar once a week won’t tip the scale, but finishing off your double cheeseburger with a chocolate milkshake, because you’re depressed, definitely will! Burger

Blood type and food

Your blood type is just that. It does not come with a food menu. If you want to know what suits your body and what doesn’t, all you have to do is LISTEN to your body. There are a lot of people that react differently to food items and science does not know why. A good way to keep track of how you feel after certain meals is to literally keep a food diary. Write down your meals over 3-days (including a weekend) and note what foods cause discomfort, heartburn or bloated-ness etc… Please note that I’m not talking about food allergies here, but instead about those “this blood type can’t eat X because it makes them fat”.

Diet pills are a sure way to lose money, not weight

I’ve talked about these extensively before but I will say it again: these don’t work and could potentially be dangerous. Chill pill!Also, “herbal” teas that claim to promote weight loss are most probably either diuretics or will cause diarrhea. Either way, seriously? You’d pay for a fancy and yummy meal and then literally flush it down the toilet? In any case, even diarrhea is not a sure way to lose weight – but is a sure way to lose much needed nutrients and fluids.

It’s conscious eating and a gym

I can’t emphasize this enough – the equation is, eat less calories than you need and you’ll lose weight. You could be eating all fatty food, but in less calories than you need and  you’ll end up losing weight  – BUT you wouldn’t be healthy. So please let your aim be health and not body image.

Forget all protein diets, forget forbidding yourself from chocolate, forget living on just a salad – eat in moderation (it’s not about NOT eating cake on you birthday or a special occasion, it’s about not eating cake 3 times a week) and just get on a treadmill please!


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3 thoughts on “What Everyone Should Know About Diets”

  1. Thank You for a very wonderful blog, every time I get back from vacation I pack few extra kilos, and I start thinking what diet should I follow to help me get rid of the excess baggage, Just thinking about “dieting” sends shivers down my spine, because for me the word “diet” is synonymous with “deprivation”. Your blog inspired me to moderate my caloric intake and get back to my exercise routine.

    1. I know exactly what u mean! the moment i think of dieting I start craving foods I never even think of on other days! Glad I could help! 🙂

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