The Easiest Ice Cream Recipe You Never Thought Of!

I’m not lying – this is by far the easiest “ice cream” recipe! It won’t taste exactly like ice cream you’re used to be, but trust me, its worth the try! For me the biggest advantage is that I know exactly what I’m eating, and its reduced fat AND sugar (not to mention preservatives and food additives). Also, if your child does like to eat fruits, this could be a hidden way to get them to enjoy a sneakily healthy snack!

ice cream!

You will need:

– 4 bananas, not too ripe (meaning not blacked out, but definitely not green)

– 2 tablespoons zero fat milk


– 2 tablespoons cocoa

– 1 tablespoons peanut butter

and whatever other flavors you want! (these were easier to calculate calories for, and have distinct tastes)


How to:

1- Cut the bananas, and freeze them for a couple of hours.chopped bananas

2- Blend using a food processor till completely mush and cream like. Add milk to help the blending process and add to the consistency.

3- Divide your “ice cream” so that you could make 2 flavors.

4- add 1 tablespoon peanut butter to half your pint.

5- add 2 tablespoons cocoa to the remaining half.


OR (way easier!)

1 and 2

3- Add 2 tablespoons peanut butter and 2 tablespoons cocoa to the whole mix and make peanut butter chocolate ice cream!


mushed bananas

peanut butter

ice cream!

Calories and Servings:

Makes 4 servings

calories/serving: 150 calories (that’s 2 scoops)




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