Boost your Immunity!

It’s wedding season! I’ve had 2 good friends get married this past week, and guess what? I was too sick to even attend. Bed-ridden with a terrible throat infection and fever, I spent the week taking intramuscular injections and pain killers. Meanwhile, my family kept asking me what I would like to eat, and I remembered the best support foods my body could benefit from – let’s check those out together.

Boost your immunity with:

Chicken Noodle Soup

Photo by avlxyz
Photo by avlxyz

it’s hot and it’s spicy! Making it one of the best options for combating the common cold, by releasing nasal secretions (or your runny nose) – and by that getting rid of viruses and bacteria stored up in your body. Top that with the fact that it provides much needed hydration to the body.


This is your go-to food when taking antibiotics and/or suffering from digestive issues because yoghurt helps promote “good” bacteria that are much needed in the digestive tract. Some studies even suggest that yoghurt may decrease sickness time, not to mention helps in preventing bone loss. All in all, this is a winning food item!


Photo by Siona Karen
Photo by Siona Karen

My favorite home remedy for a sore throat – add it to your ginger tea, or take it in a spoonful – either way, you will find that it coats your throat in a natural way and helps soothe it. Honey also contains anti-oxidant and anti-microbial characteristics that help fend off infections. (Note: Honey is not safe for use to children under 1 year of age)


Selenium, a mineral found in lots of  shellfish such as oysters, lobsters, crabs, and clams, helps white blood cells produce proteins that help clear flu viruses out of the body. Fish in general, and particularly salmon, is rich in omega-3 fats, which reduce inflammation, and help protect lungs from colds and respiratory infections.

Green or Black Tea

The antioxidants found in tea are said to protect against flu virus, and have immune-boosting effects. Avoid adding milk to the tea to maximize benefits. Add a little honey (but make sure your tea is not boiling when you do that) and you’ve got double the effect! If you need more science to back this up, a study done by Harvard* showed that people who drank 5 cups a day of black tea for 2 weeks had 10 times more virus-fighting proteins in their blood than others who drank a placebo hot drink. The great news? You could still get these benefits from the decaf versions as well!

Onion And Garlic

I mean, not only is no dish complete without a little onion and garlic – but these are awesome immune boosting ingredients. I’ve already spoken about how garlic is such a super food before but I’ll say it again. These healers contain plenty of antiseptic properties, and can also help unclog sinuses. Make your chicken soup with extra garlic and that’s another winning combo!

Photo by Rae Allen
Photo by Rae Allen


As a child, I really hated mushrooms till I realized I hated mushrooms that came in a can – they looked slimy and felt chewy and tasteless, nothing like what fresh mushrooms look or taste like. Now fresh mushroom, I LOVE. Grilled, sauteed, with food, or as an appetizer – it’s all good by me! Add to that, that they help promote the production of infection-fighting white blood cells. They also contain “polysaccharides” which are carbohydrates that support the immune system.

Black Pepper

It might make you sneeze, but it will also fight off your sickness battles. This is because of a smart compound known as “piperine” found in black peppercorns that have anti-fever and pain relief benefits.

These are just a few simple and common ingredients that could be used in our everyday foods . Much like any machine, your body needs to be maintained and taken care of, or else it will fail you early on. Genetics will play a role, and so does your environment – but nutrition is key. Help your body fight longer, and fight better!




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