Burn Calories Without a Gym!

The fasting is done! So happy Eid to all those celebrating! I need to remind you of the calories that are going to be facing you the next few days as you are invited out and celebrating:  knefeh (500 calories); Maamoul (260 calories) and more in this post.

To add salt to the caloric injury, the gym I go to, along with many other fitness facilities, are closed for a few days as this is an official holiday in Lebanon.

What to do?

Today’s post will talk about simple and small steps you can burn calories throughout your day – without a gym!

Indoor options (burn up to 100 calories at home):

Stretch every hour or two

For example: perform multiple repetitions of 1)moving your head in a circle 2) torso twists to both sides 3) touching your toes 4) squats with arms stretched to the front 5)calf stretches 6)a “reach for the sky” chest stretch 7)shoulder blade “squeeze” with the hands clasped behind the back.

Follow this with more than a few deep breaths that help circulate blood throughout the body, improving oxygen intake and boosting your metabolism.


20 minutes of yoga, following a DVD or an online tutorial can burn up to 100 calories


image by Skånska

for 45 minutes. All that stirring and chopping and fidgeting trying to get your meal done on time can burn up to 100 calories also.

Go out and burn even more calories! (outdoor options):


An hour of bowling can range from 150 to 300 calories lost, depending on body weight and how often you are moving – still this is an awesome and fun way to burn those extra fries you had for lunch.

Beach Volleyball

It’s summer! No one needs an excuse to go to the beach, but in case you needed one, or three: BeachVolleyball- tan, play, laugh, and burn calories all in one activity! 20 minutes playing can burn 150 calories (more depending on body weight)

Dance like no one is watching

do this for just 20 minutes and burn 100 calories! the more you move, and the higher your heart rate goes up, the more you burn! This doubles as both an indoor activity if

Photo by Robbert
Photo by Robbert

you choose to close the blinds and shake it to your bedroom mirror – or if you decide to put on those sexy heels/suit and hit a club!


and the list goes on! These are just a few of the ideas i had in mind and wanted to share. If you have any other activities you would like to know the calories burned for, please do let me know and I’d gladly include it in a future post!


Don’t be demotivated if you’re not a gym person – make yourself a fitness person and forget the gym! The good news here is that fitness is NOT confined to a gym and is not limited to weights and a treadmill. Choose an activity that you like, go for it a 3-4 times a week and that’s the best and only gym you might need! Good luck!

Have a nice 4-day weekend!





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2 thoughts on “Burn Calories Without a Gym!”

  1. Though I’m not celebrating, Happy Eid! xx
    I think you forgot to say simple housework: sweeping, mopping, changing bed sheets etc… can be strenuous too. You probably didn’t add these activities because they are not fun.

    1. Thank u!
      hahaha ur EXACTLY right – at least they r not fun for me, but if u ask my mom – for her, nothing beats a cleaning and seeing the results after! haha but definitely those burn a lot of calories also 🙂

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