Dinner with a Dietitian, Final Set

This is the third and final post from the “Dine Out with a Dietitian” series, and it was during my Wednesday night dinner at Main Street, Hamra. I must say I’m a little biased towards this pub because I’ve had a lot of great memories there, and I have to say the food keeps bringing me back there!

I was already hungry when we arrived so I might have stretched out our order, but since my fiance and I were sharing, it turned out well.

This is their complete menu – as you can see they have “light” options pointed out, so when in doubt at any restaurant – just go for the “light” section because obviously this would be the lighter option, however, it might NOT be LOW in calories; just LESS calories.

mainstreet menu
photo taken from here

Our picks for the night were:

Salmon Salad, Tuna Sandwich, and Goat Cheese Salad.

We split the goat cheese salad first, which already comes with balsamic vinegar and has the exact amount of cheese necessary.

goat cheese salad
goat cheese topped with cilantro, roasted tomatoes, greens, shaved walnuts, and balsamic vinegar. DELICIOUS!

Then I consumed my OH-SO-DELICIOUS salmon salad – personally I skipped the sour cream to cut out on fat, and asked for extra lemon tidbits instead. The salmon salad comes with toast as well, but I only had very little of that. I made sure to eat all the greens that came with it EVEN though I had already had half a salad. My fork bite consisted of a small salmon piece with an even smaller bread piece, capers and a lemon tidbit – YUM!

salmon salad
salmon slices on a brown toast, capers, lemon tidbits, sour cream and a few greens – healthy and yummy!

I might have taken a bite from my fiance’s tuna sandwich (just a single bite I promise, it was just too good to resist!) but I won’t really count that! What I particularly like about the tuna sandwich is that it doesn’t contain mayo, and I am not a big fan of mayo, and it comes in brown baguette with a side of SALAD not fries!

tuna sandwich with a side salad

let’s estimate* a few of these calories

Goat cheese salad: around 250-300 calories

However since we split it, that’s approximately 150 calories/person! NICE!

Salmon salad: around 350-400 calories (60 calories for 2 tablespoons sour cream)


So my total calorie intake for the night (though honestly I couldn’t finish the entire salmon salad because I was stuffed on green leafy vegetables, but assuming I did) = ~500 calories!

A delicious and filling meal for 500 calories or under at a restaurant? YES IT’S DOABLE!

I hope this past week has offered SOME guidance on how to make better choices when dining out – please do keep them in mind this weekend and HAVE FUN! It’s what the dietitian recommends 😉




*it’s an estimation because I don’t know exactly the method of preparation and quantities. My calories might be a bit exaggerated because I prefer to add than subtract, in general.

P.s: This is NOT a paid ad or endorsement of MAIN STREET – just my personal opinion and preference.

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