Post Training Soreness Recovery Foods

It’s true – I have magical powers. I have the secret to your post exercise muscle cramps disappearance. I might be exaggerating this a bit for good measure but still, you should NOT underestimate the effect of proper nutrition.

Elcy at the start line!First things first, the Women Empowerment 10k was this past Sunday (May 26, 2013)  and I finished it! That’s it – my entire aim was to be able to get through the whole 10k, as I’m not much of a runner or anything. I did the first 3k in 20 minutes which I was super pleased about (considering that I had only gotten up to 4k in 34 mins in my training). Annoyingly though, my phone battery decided to die out at 6 k – but I managed to check the “Finish” board timer and it read 1.42.51. Yes its not a great number – but it’s the baseline for which I will compare every other 10k I challenge myself to from now on!

photo 4
please note the 2% battery life 🙁

The next morning I woke up to muscles that didn’t appreciate the 10k whatsoever, and were out for revenge. I had to use my best nutritional powers to tame their needs, and  fend off the incoming pain (I think I may be watching a little too much game of thrones, so please let any dramatic statement slide by today)


Part of why we get muscle soreness is not having enough potassium – so first thing after you are done training, grab a banana (or a potato, I just thought bananas would be a lot easier)


Not only does this fight off nausea, but it also rich in anti-inflammatory compounds which can help reduce aches of osteoarthritis and sore muscles.

Cereza - CherryCherries and Berries

Berries are full of antioxidants as I’ve mentioned before – these combat free radicals, which can cause inflammation and aggravate your soreness.

Cherries are your jackpot fruit. they contain antioxidants called anthocynanin which has great anti-inflammatory properties which will help relieve muscle aches. Some even say that it equals Advil in power. I say, if it’s natural, then it’s worth a shot!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Salmon and Walnuts)

Sometimes I wonder, what can’t Salmon do? And by salmon I mean omega-3-fatty acids, which of course help ease pain. This should be a no-brainer, I mean anything that can help with PMS should be able to fight off post-marathon exercise (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, please read here). Salmon, walnuts, and flaxseed are all great sources of omega-3s.

More Nutty Benefits

All kinds of nuts are very high in Vitamin E. This vitamin has muscle strengthening powers which eventually can help muscle cramps – meaning as you train, you will notice you are getting less sore even if your training level has maintained or even intensified a little. The vitamin E helps strengthen the muscles and prevent tears. Less tears, means less pain!

Yogurt, Milk, or Cottage Cheese

These are excellent options to be getting much needed protein, minus the fat (granted you’re choosing the low fat option!) to help your muscles build up again.


These really do work. They help ease the pathway for oxygen to really get into the muscles. So whether you hire someone, or follow some youtube videos – this is one thing you should attempt!


WaterTwitter 365 Project - Day 71

Again, a no-brainer. You need to keep hydrated after any intensive training to replenish your body from any loss in fluids.


I read this somewhere and thought it was adorable – Technically it doesn’t qualify as food but I’m keeping it on the list. Allegedly,   the oxytocin (or feel good hormone released during cuddling) helps ease muscle pain, and I’m not even going to research this – I don’t think anyone will argue that cuddling made them feel bad.




cuddling, followed by breakfast in bed consisting of fruit yogurt  nuts, bananas, and raisins! I like this light bulb moment.


Have  a beautiful, sore-free day!









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4 thoughts on “Post Training Soreness Recovery Foods”

  1. Congrats….running the marathon and getting to the finish line is an achievement by itself. Talk about soreness….I’ve been on a hike this week-end too, it was also a first for me, I am still limping !!! I’ll follow your recommendations in the hope of easing my soreness.

    1. Thank you!!!! hahaha good for you going hiking!! I really do recommend massages as well, I can send you a few links that I’ve tried and honestly they really helped! Feel better soon and keep hiking! 😀

  2. Congratulations on doing the run! I´m not much of a runner, (I´m a swimmer) however the last few weekends I´ve been going out to jog in parks here with Mr. H. and guess what? I´m beginning to enjoy running!!! Something must be wrong with me 😉

    1. hahah Sofia! if you become a runner then i’ve got no excuse for swimming badly anymore! sadly, we don’t have a lot of parks in Lebanon but I can imagine it was a beautiful jog 🙂

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