Friday with a Cuppa Tea

Friday’s post – as you may have noticed, is just a fun way to say goodbye to yet another week, and welcome the weekend with open arms.

It’s been extremely refreshing hearing the good reviews on this humble blog, and it’s been awesome how people have shared different “tea” related posts, images, or links with me – so I thought, why not share them here? Brilliant, I know!

image taken from , you need to see the rest of the calendar!
image taken from here , you need to see the rest of the calendar!

drink tea and read books

and finally,

“All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each year that passes — a fact which is recognized in the extra ration issued to old-age pensioners.”

I extracted this from “How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea: George Orwell’s 11 Golden Rules” . For the complete 11 rules, click here.

Thank you Lea, Hussam, and Moodz for your “tea” contributions!

Have a nice weekend!



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