Post Training Soreness Recovery Foods

It’s true – I have magical powers. I have the secret to your post exercise muscle cramps disappearance. I might be exaggerating this a bit for good measure but still, you should NOT underestimate the effect of proper nutrition. First things first, the Women Empowerment 10k was this past Sunday (May 26, 2013)  and I finished…

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Switching Posts and a Marathon Menu

Usually on Thursday I post a new recipe – but since we are so close to the Sunday 10k – I decided to post recipes tomorrow, as I prepare for running. Today’s post will be mostly motivational – as my body fights off any notion of running at all, I need to fight back with…

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Fight Cancer in the Kitchen!

I agree, its a weird place to be fighting cancer – but if you are here actively reading about nutrition and food, then you have an understanding on how important nutrition is in combating many diseases. Cancer is one of those diseases. There has been a lot of talk regarding breast cancer due to the Jolie Effect…

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