You’ve Got Mail

This week has been hectic! I miss my laptop, I miss writing and I particularly miss that feeling I used to get when I’d log on and see the number of views for the day. They might not be big numbers, but they sure bring a smile to my face.

After being delayed for 4 hrs ON THE PLANE in NYC, we finally landed in Detroit and have been “sightseeing” ever since. If you’ve been here before then you know there’s not much to see – but I have family here and that just about makes it all worthwhile. On another more random note, I managed to get myself beautiful wedding shoes (I debated posting a picture but figured I’d be really pushing my luck with my male readers)!

Anyway, back to now, it’s almost 2am here and I’ve finally managed a moment for myself and I’m back to my favorite hobby: Tea Time.

Thank you for the viewers who are still popping in and reading even though I’ve been a poor blogger. Thank you for the likes and the comments and even the emails, I promise to get back to all of those ASAP. Meanwhile, I’ll be posting tomorrow on unexpected ways for weight loss so check for your “you’ve got mail” message. Please do forgive my procrastination – but the vacation got the best of me!




P.S: If you’ve never watched “you’ve got mail”, consider this your dietitian’s order and go do that now! 🙂


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