Fun(ny) Ways to Lose Weight!

Sometimes it feels like dieting really is too difficult – ok who are we kidding? Most of the time it feels like we’re fasting and have to work at the Chocolate Factory. The good news is, there are a few “interesting” ways to lose weight that you might have not considered before. But I’m guessing, if you’re willing to starve, jog, and/or eat celery then I’m betting you will try one, if not all, of the following:

Dear Diarydiary

This is something that I’ve learned from personal experience and from my acquired studies. People who keep track of their food tend to eat less. This is because a lot of the time we tend to underestimate our food consumption, so when you see it written down on paper – it gives you that added visual booster to NOT have that cheeseburger for dinner and maybe order a nice turkey sandwich instead.

moneyPut Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

How about you make dieting more interesting? Make a “healthy” bet with a dieting partner and see who helps the other reach their goal first. Loser buys the winner a gym membership? Just remember, I said make it interesting, not  bankrupt.

Shop Smaller

How many times have you have to lie down to just get that jeans upper button to buckle? Yes I’m looking at you. If you’re reading this and nodding then you know how terrible of a feeling that is. If that’s not motivation enough, I don’t know what is! How about taking advantage of this type of motivation and shopping for the size you want to become and work yourself into it? Again, you want to be realistic here so make sure your desired weight is  a healthy one and nothing underweight or nutritionally-inadequate.


Send your kids to their grandparents; take the day off; buy some lingerie and maybe even switch off the lights (that way you can have sex AND not feel self-conscious – double score!) and enjoy some sexy time. 30 minutes of this can burn 85 calories!

Don’t have time for sex? Fine if don’t have 30 minutes to spare, then maybe a kiss will change your mind? Intense kissing can burn up to 90 calories an hr!

Scared into Weight Loss

Next time there’s a horror movie on TV, don’t be so quick to change the channel. In fact, you should switch off the lights and install a fake ghost costume in the living room to occasionally scare you and watch the movie ALONE. This weight loss method practically sells itself. If you think I’m kidding, guess again, because a study(and not a very reliable one) found that watching a horror movie burns 113 calories in 90 minutes! “Exorcism of Emily Rose” looks really appealing right about now.

Laugh Yourself Skinnylaughing

We’ve all heard that “laughter is the best medicine” and this might just be the case when it comes to weight loss. Laughter helps give your body exercise that might even burn up to 100 calories per hour. In fact, there’s even a program known as “laughtercising” which is  stress-reducing 10 minute laughing technique. My personal opinion is that no one ever complained of laughter, and logically it should help reduce stress so this can’t do any harm. I’ve personally tried laughter yoga a couple of times and though it usually takes me a while to get really into, I always leave feeling really good overall.

tone deaf? who cares! Sing your heart out!
tone deaf? who cares! Sing your heart out!

Sing Those Bad Tunes

Get some earplugs and go out to the nearest karaoke bar! Apparently a Japanese company tried to measure the number of calories burned while singing karaoke, and concluded this number to be 15calories per 3 minute song. Don’t be discouraged, if you sing for an hour straight – that’s about 300 calories! I suggest maybe you buy everyone their drinks first before attempting such socially damaging exercises.

Finally, I have a responsibility to say that these are fun ways to add activity to your life but are not really “weight loss” techniques. Laughter will probably make you feel better, sex will probably make your skin glow, and singing is just well, fun! But, your best bet for weight loss results is exercise and healthy eating – add these non-traditional ways to the mix and you even have: better skin, better mood, and maybe a singing career!







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3 thoughts on “Fun(ny) Ways to Lose Weight!”

  1. I know its not on paper, but regarding the Dear Diary tip,… eh, do you think having a food blog counts? I mean I was already into cooking and healthy eating before I started my blog, but I have to say I’ve become even more conscious of what I eat since then. PS. your laugh yourself skinny photos are gorgeous 🙂

    1. i COMPLETELY agree! for me personally, i also tend to feel hypocritical if i’m not practicing what i preach so it’s been an added motivation. and in fact, there has been a study that showed ppl who shared their dieting progress thru social media tools tend to be more motivated bcz they want to “save face”. Tho at the end of the day i think this is a personality thing more than anything else.
      thank uuuuu for the beautiful compliment 😀

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