Live From NYC!

Again, like most of my “random thoughts posts – this one has has minimal nutritional benefit, but should be quite entertaining if you have a few minutes to spare. As of Wednesday, I’ve been on vacation at NYC! This is my second time here, and I’m absolutely  IN LOVE with this city! What I’m not in love with is the weight gain I will have to deal with post-vacation. And NYC makes this very difficult as the sheer number of good food places is crazy and I’m not one to shy away from trying a few new things. It has helped that I don’t eat meat or chicken so again, vegetarian saves the day (Or I like to tell myself)!

So our first breakfast started off on the heavy side, but we just had to try Clintons St. Baking Company and honestly this is a place worth breaking a diet for (do not quote me as being the dietitian who said this!).

photo 1


So to make up for that breakfast, we jogged for about 30 minutes in Central Park and walked approximately 6 hours after that (yes I said S-I-X). It was tiresome and beautiful and you never get to enjoy the city if you don’t get your feet dirty.

central park

My second day was better, with a toasted whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese at 460 calories for breakfast, and a steel doughnut for dessert – wouldn’t recommend the doughnut! Itopped it with trying this “tea” just cause I had to 😛

photo 3  doughnut

Have a great weekend!

P.S: I apologize for not being able to reply to comments as quickly as I don’t generally have easy access to a laptop.

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2 thoughts on “Live From NYC!”

    1. Oh New York New York – it has ruined me for other countries!! Hehe the doughnut is probably healthier than some of the meals I’ve seen here!! 🙂 thank u for ur wishes 😀 xx

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