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According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, this year is NOT the year of the [INSERT HOROSCOPE HERE], but instead is the year of QUINOA!

What is Quinoa (that’s KEE-NO-AH!) you ask? Why, allow me to explain…

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Apparently it’s a new super food that will fill you up and eradicate world poverty all at once. No seriously, the hype around this item is for good reason:

  • It is the only plant that contains all the essential amino acids, trace elements and vitamins and contains no gluten. Which means it’s one of the few grains that is a great source of protein, minus the fat! Almost too good to be true! (to put that in a number, 1 cup of cooked quinoa has about 8 grams of protein)
  • Contains a nice list of anti-inflammatories, which obviously help in inflammation-related diseases.
  • Contains more “good” fat content than other plants and/or cereals, and the good news is that fat is omega-3.
  • Contains Flavonoids and Pythonutrients which are anti-oxidants so you can also kiss those wrinkles goodbye!

Long term studies are currently being done on patients with Type 2 Diabetes or those with CVD (Cardiovasuclar Diseases) to see if quinoa can help reduce these , and from the looks of it, things look really promising – so I for one will be looking forward to updating my Latest on Health series with new quinoa study results.

Finally, how can it eradicate poverty?

It has been found to survive high altitudes, thin and cold air, hot sun, salty or sandy soil, little rainfall, and sub-freezing temperatures. In addition, all parts of the plant could be eaten, including not only the seeds, but also the leaves and stems. This is a very well-rounded super plant!


P.s: If you are looking to try quinoa on your next cooking quest, here’s a an easy salad recipe to try (haha, tricked you! No I really do have one but I haven’t been able to post the images yet, it’ll be posted Thursday for sure!).

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  1. I’ve been trying to switch from white rice to a healthier substitute, tried brown rice, burghul, and today quinoa, how do they compare in calories per serving? Is the serving the same, 2/3 cup cooked?

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