A State of Sushi

I am someone who is obsessed with sushi! Being a vegetarian (some find this term misleading because I actually eat seafood so I’m not a “pure” vegetarian but instead a pescetarian), seafood and sushi are on my lunch/dinner menus way too often – so I have to really know how to pick ’em or I’m going to end up giving vegetarians a bad name.

Like with ANY meal you’re not making with your own hands, there are do’s and don’ts. Let’s explore them, shall we?

But first!! If you have never attempted to try making sushi at home – YOU MUST! It’s a lot of work and takes quite a lot of time but honestly, when we did, it was the best sushi I’ve ever had and we ended up making such big quantities. It was Sushi Nirvana. (A few pics from our 1st sushi night attempt)

sushi master
Our sushi chef master for the night, my good friend Jean-Michel!

some of our “creations” for the night!

Now on to the serious business! I know sushi is tricky with all the different names so I thought it would be best to draw you a picture,  no really.

Maximize on the good! (order these)

2 salmon of these is only 90 calories!

6 slices of salmon sashimi are about 70 calories!
4-6 slices of salmon sashimi are about 70 calories!

Avoid the trap:

  • Sushi benefits include  high omega-3 fatty acids. We’ve talked about these before remember? They’ve been shown to reduce heart disease risk, help moderate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, lower blood pressure, maintain proper nervous system health, and even ease arthritis pain, its really the miracle fat, but is ONLY needed in small doses.
  • The seaweed in sushi contains high levels of Vitamins A, B-complex, vitamin C and iodine.
  • For people like me, sushi is a great (and main!) source of protein!
  • Limit and avoid mayo, cream, fried and battered (yes I said it – that shrimp tempura is off your list). Do I need to give you a visual why you need to stop these?

To name a few:

Food Calories Fat (grams)
Shrimp tempura roll 500-544 13-21
Philedephia roll (salmon and cheese) 290-320 5-11
Spicy tuna roll 290 11

Wait wait, I can show you more

This shrimp tempura (at 540 calories)  is equal to wait -for- it

MCDONALD’S BIG MAC (and let’s face it, the big mac is more filling then just one roll of shrimp tempura)

mcdonalds big mac
At 540 calories, the meal equals (in calories) one shrimp tempura roll!

Finally, tips to follow when ordering:

  • Start with edamame! More details on why this is a great starter in this post.
  • Try getting the simple Tuna maki (basic seaweed, rice and tuna) or crab maki etc.. and a salmon/tuna sashimi on the side. Top your maki’s with the salmon sashimi and VIOLA! you’ve created your own new sushi meal!
  • Pace yourself, this is a constant reminder to really be conscious of what you are eating.

I can’t handle all this sushi business, I think I’m going to go order some!


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0 thoughts on “A State of Sushi”

  1. So what you are really saying is that we should cut the shrimp tempura from the order and just add a big Mac with our sushi? 🙂
    On a serious note, that’s some great info… I’ll be sure to load on sashimi next time. Its the tastiest and apparently one of the lowest calories!!!

    1. hahhahaha this really backfired on me yeah?
      But yes totally (abt the sashimi part), ud be cutting out the frying and the mayo, and purely benefiting from the omega-3 and the yummy taste of fish!

  2. Seriously ?!! Never thought a shrimp tempura has all this calories !! And I used to order it every time. Now I know why I was gaining weight !

    1. Just a note, this is the entire ROLL not just a single one, though its still a lot of calories because we tend to order more than one roll usually. Glad u found this useful somewhat! 🙂

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