Today’s post is completely random and VERY useless in terms of nutrition and education, so be warned. Also, I might get mushy and emotional so take cover if you’re not open to that today. TODAYYYY 13-3-13 (I’m really liking the date so I’m going to keep repeating it) is my birthday!!! Honestly the only reason I love my bday is for the tremendous amount of love I get from everyone -but to be fair, there’s one man in particular who shows me that love everyday, and for that, I’M MARRYING HIM! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, here’s to celebrating my 20-ish bday with plenty of gifts and cake (yes I said cake because it’s 13-3-13 and I get to cheat).

A sneak peak to how my week started last Thursday to today, and knowing Toufic I’m sure there’s more coming πŸ˜€

first bday card!! woohoo!
surprise dinner with my friends at Cle
surprise dinner with my friends at Cle
bcz everyone knows I’m obsessed with body lotion!
the best people (minus more than a few)! Sister, Sister in Law, and Awesome Fiance!
solar charger
the Eco-friendly solar charger I got from my dearest Omar! Happy helping the environment πŸ˜€
supa tea who has no powers whatsoever!
coffee and tea
my new coffee and tea containers. LOVE THESE!
the boss
Toufics explanation: Notice the resemblance? Small but always the boss πŸ˜›
I was confused to whether it was a compliment or an insult.
the teapot earrings I bought myself!
The double surprise I got at the office! :D
The double surprise I got at the office today! πŸ˜€

As you can see, I milked my nickname dry with such Tea Themed gifts – but who cares? It made me ecstatic and worked perfectly with this blog!

Regardless whether we just spoke today or haven’t in a while, thank you! First, thanks for actually reading the post, and second thanks for any bday wishes/positive vibes you have sent my way (on any social media outlet)! Today was made special because of that, and of course, the gifts!

I will be back tomorrow with a recipe: Pumpkin Soup! Y-U-M!

Have an extra special day on 13-3-13 (last time, promise!)


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0 thoughts on “13-3-13”

  1. First of all: happiest of all birthday my love! Today is surely a special date, a special occasion to a very special person! Best wishes, best vibes, beat blessings and lots of love, hugs and kisses going your way from the 4 of us!
    Second: loved, loved the tea themed gifts!! Best tea bags to come in summer πŸ˜‰
    Love you lots and wish you the ultimate best now and forever

    1. Zanzouna! You have no idea how much just being friends with u has brought into my life! you are a friend for life, and someone who only ever just brings smiles to face! Kisses to the 4 of u πŸ™‚ and can;t wait to be seeing u soon! love u lots lots lots

  2. Talzzz! You healthy bday girl! Hope u had a blast on ur 13-3-13! My best wishes to u on this special day and the coming days!

    The tea bags, the T sets n T earrings are all awesome, but nothing beats my Victoria’s Secret gift! N wohooo I made it to Teacalls’ Blog!
    Love u T
    lots of hugs n kisses

  3. I’m too lazy to count the comments now but I hope my comment is the 13th comment you get on this blog post :p

    O h and while am here, good job Toufic, you are awesome indeed.
    Oh and happy birthday
    (Yea it was shameless best friend boosting)

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