Let’s Get Visual: Sodas

A little food for thought before you head out to a fun-filled weekend, which will probably involve a family lunch and a couple of indulgent dinners, let’s remind you of the “baby-steps” I’ve mentioned before. How you can make small changes that will come a long way.

This is going to be a really small post, and I’m only going to mention Coca-Cola because I watched their “honest ad” yesterday and I advise you to really pay attention to what they are telling you (regardless whether this is a marketing scheme or not).

A can of coca-cola (12oz -355ml) (and many other sodas mimic these numbers) = 140 calories <share this

Let’s get a bit visual. 140 calories come directly from SUGAR

Exactly 10 teaspoons of sugar

That is


So, we summarize in a pretty way



140 calories of


That’s about 15-20 minutes of a high intensity workout.

About 30 minutes of moderate workouts like fast walking. 

Really, is it worth it? (That’s without even tackling ANY other of the 4374546 reasons you shouldn’t drink these!)

Enjoy ur soda-free weekend starting this one!


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