Munchies that won’t break the scale!

So it’s February  and a lot of us have fallen off the wagon on our New Year resolutions and “dieting” plans. So I won’t preach on diet food and exercise, instead – how about you put down that chocolate bar and replace it with these options. I promise they are absolutely delicious and won’t show come bikini season.

Good old fashioned Popcorn

There’s a catch here – you need to make these at home so that you can avoid the added butter in the store bought or microwaveable ones. Get a bag of air popped popcorn, you can even add a tablespoon of  oil if you’re making a big chunk and VOILA! one cup of air-popped popcorn (that’s a tongue twister right there!) is only 30 calories! You can easily have a yummy 3 cups for under 100 calories! (now find me 3 cups of any chips that can top this!)

nutsGo a little Nuts

Raw walnuts and almonds are high in omega 3 fats (I’m sure you have heard of these before, simply these are good essential fats that your body needs and does not produce) and are powerful antioxidants. The trick here is that they are also high in calories, and the body doesn’t require omega 3 in high quantities – so before gushing these by the dozen – pace yourself. A snack should not be more than a handful of nuts a few times per week. That’s a “closed” handful – not two fully stacked palms!

100g Walnuts = 691 calories <tweet this!

100g Almonds = 612 calories

Skip the sushi, go for Edamame



This is one of my personal favorite snacks, though I always find it hard to restrict myself – but luckily I don’t have to restrict too much because at 120 calories per cup and 9grams of fiber – this is an EXCELLENT snack!

The Cherry Tomato on top!

Next time you have guests coming over, drop the chips – add the salsa! Well, the cherry tomato that makes the salsa. Decorate a plate with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and a few carrots. Add a dash of lemon and/or salt and yum! Enjoy a snack with less than 50 calories per cup and plenty of antioxidants, vitamin A, among other benefits.

dark chocolateThe Darker, the better

For your after-meal sweet tooth craving – allow yourself a bite of chocolate. BUT! let it be dark for the benefits mentioned in this post on the caffeine in cocoa. Also, dark chocolate means less full fat milk which is then simply LESS FAT consumed by you. Again, there’s a catch, because even dark chocolate has a little added sugar so restrict yourself to a 1-2 square pieces once or twice a week.

on average 1 square = 30-60 calories (depending on % cocoa and brand)

If you start now by adding some of the tips and tricks previously given, and exchanging chips and chocolates with these healthier alternatives – come end of February and I guarantee you will be feeling lighter and definitely much more proud of yourself. Start today and pat yourself on the back, it’s what the dietitian says!


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