Drinks: Foods’ Little Elves

I’ve noticed that many health websites or even dietetic discussions tackle mainly food and exercise – and while these are the cornerstones of healthy living, we generally tend to forget their little helpers: fluids.

Briefly, I’m going to arrange the Do’s and Don’t of drinking. You’d be surprised how many calories a few shifts in your drinking habits might save you!

You think water is too boring?


cocaSubstitute it with sodas. The regular ones are full of sugar and the diet ones are pumped with artificial sweeteners – both have added chemicals (some even flame retardant and I know that the mirror tells you that you’re really hot, but easy on the flame retardant) and are extremely unhealthy. You can read more details about that on this link

Read labels. Check that whatever you’re consuming is not high in sugar,


13g of sugar per serving, with 2.5 servings/bottle means 33g of sugar and 125 calories just from drinking this bottle

artificial coloring or sweeteners, and preservatives (Even drinks labeled “vitamin water” might be commercial and in reality, unhealthy – there are many of these false claims in the food and beverage industry)


Drink some green tea. Green tea is a natural antioxidant (more than red or black tea due to its minimal processing period), and may potentially be able to prevent cancer, heart diseases among other diseases.


Assume that when drinking tea, coffee, or alcohol that you are getting your body’s fill of water because these are diuretics. The classy way of putting this is that they actually make you pee more so your body is losing water – simple math means that you’re going to have to drink some more water to replenish those flushed out.

Add more water to your regimen, if not by drinking it then maybe by consuming it through fruits (popular example is watermelon) and vegetables(ex: lettuce, cucumbers) and even homemade soups! Y-U-M


Drink some green tea. Gotcha! No this isn’t a typo, just repeating it for dramatic effects and to emphasize its importance.


Think that the calories in alcohol don’t count. Alcohol is of high caloric


Drinks: Foods' Little Elves
4 drinks of alcohol (50g in 250ml water)
causes elimination of 600-1000ml water
Swift, Robert, and Dena Davidson.
“Alcohol hangover.” Alcohol Health Res World 22 (1998): 54-60.


content (7calories/g) and what’s even more problematic about it: is that it gets broken down BEFORE food. So if you’re trying to diet, you really want the body to tackle extra fat mass, and not be distracted with metabolizing alcohol, no?

Factor in the calories found in alcohol into your diet plan.
just a few pretty numbers:

Red Wine ~74calories/100ml
White Wine ~70calories/100ml
Beer ~138calories/355ml

Simply, moderation is key – that and green tea!


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