I don’t know if its the same for everyone else, but New Year and birthdays are stressful times for me. No, not the aging part (though that isn’t going to be a walk in the park either, but I’ll leave that for another blog), but the part where I consider my achievements or lack-of in the past year. That part sticks with me long after the fireworks are gone, and then my mind goes into overdrive – RESOLUTIONS resolutions resolutions.

The list spans from health to languages to career to to to (seriously, it’s a shocker I don’t have to eradicate world hunger listed there). Needless to say,  French has been on my list of “must learn” since 2005 and Hi, keefak, cava? are still the only things I can say in French.

This year I decided it’s pointless to feel unaccomplished about lists that are unrealistic. It’s also pointless to hide behind our faults: I’m impatient, and I have to either face and change that, or avoid working on long-term lists. Since I choose not to do the latter, I’m learning to do the former – And I’m learning it the best way I know how: like a baby.

Babies crawl before they can walk, and you get the gist. So before I can eradicate World Hunger, maybe I’ll start by learning how to take care of this blog and figure out a healthy way to benefit myself and others from it.

The way I see it is simple, if I don’t put down a list of 1,2,3 – then I can never have a zero.


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